Delivery of Products

Notice: the website and any other microsites falling within this website domain (referred to in these Terms as the “Website”) provided by Shenzhen Dragon Diamond Jewelry Co., Ltd. (DDJ, “our”, “we” or “us”).
Address: Delivery of the Products shall be made to the address you specify in your Order either by Seller or by Website(or its agents) on behalf of Seller.
Tracking: You may track the status of the delivery at the “Order Tracking” page of the Platform.
Delivery timeframe: You acknowledge that delivery of the Products is subject to availability of the Products. Seller will make every reasonable effort to deliver the Product to you within the delivery timeframe stated on the relevant page on which the Product is listed, but you acknowledge that while stock information on the Platform is updated regularly, it is possible that in some instances a Product may become unavailable between updates. All delivery timeframes given are estimates only and delays can occur. If the delivery of your Product is delayed Seller will inform you accordingly via e-mail and your Product will be dispatched as soon as it becomes available to Seller. The time for delivery shall not be of the essence, and Seller (nor any of its agents) shall not be liable for any delay in delivery howsoever caused.
Deemed receipt: In the event you do not receive the Product by the projected delivery date and provided that you inform Website within 3 days immediately from such projected delivery date, Seller will try, to the best of Seller’s ability, to locate and deliver the Product. If Website does not hear from you within 3 days from such projected delivery date, you shall be deemed to have received the Product.
Unattended Delivery: Website provides the option of having your Products left at the Customer’s doorstep, or as otherwise instructed by the Customer, as an “Unattended Delivery.” Please note that some orders will not be eligible for Unattended Delivery. While Website’s goal is to honour the Customer’s preferences whenever possible, Website is unable to guarantee that Website (or our agents) will be able to meet these instructions under all circumstances. If the Customer selected for an Unattended Delivery and no one is available to accept the delivery of the Products, Website (or our agents) will leave the Customer’s Products unattended on or in front of the Customer’s premises, or as instructed. Where the Customer specifically instructs Website (or our agents) to leave the Customer’s Products outside the door, or as instructed by the Customer, of the specified delivery address, such delivery (including unattended alcohol) shall be at the Customer’s sole risk and the Customer accepts all liability and risk of loss, theft, and damage.

Application for Returns/Refunds

Subject to the terms and conditions in this Refunds and Return Policy and the Terms of Service, Buyer may apply for return of the purchased items (“Item”) and/or refund prior to the expiry of the Website Guarantee Period as stated in the Terms of Service.
Website Guarantee is a service provided by Website on User’s request, to assist Users in dealing with certain conflicts which may arise during the course of a transaction. Users may communicate with each other privately to resolve their differences or approach their relevant local authorities to assist them in overcoming any dispute prior, during or after using Website Guarantee.
All warrantees begin from the date the product is received. If a product develops a fault during the warranty and the fault is due to a quality issue rather than your own breakage or misuse, we will accept a return.
Buyer may only apply for the refund and/or return of the Item in the following circumstances:
  • The Item has not been received by Buyer;
  • The Item was defective and/or damaged on delivery;
  • Seller has delivered an Item that does not match the agreed specification (e.g. wrong size, colour, etc.) to Buyer;
  • The Item delivered to Buyer is materially different from the description provided by Seller in the listing of the Item; or
  • By way of private agreement with Seller and Seller must send his/her confirmation to Shopee confirming such agreement.
Defective items MUST BE reported and returned to us within the warranty period (and in the original packaging, if possible). You must tell us what the defect is and give us your order number. WE DO NOT REPAIR OR REPLACE ITEMS WITH AN EXPIRED WARRANTY.
What should I do if my items arrived damaged?
  • Rarely, rough handling by the courier can lead to physical damage to your goods, e.g. broken screen.
  • If possible, raise a complaint directly with the delivery representative of the courier company before you sign for the goods. They will advise you on the complaint procedure.
  • If you already signed for the packet, take photos showing the damage and contact the local office of the courier/delivery company to complain. They will have a complaining procedure which will enable you to get compensation.
  • Next, contact Website immediately with your order number and a full description / pictures of the broken item issue. We will contact the courier company from our end.
  • Once the courier company confirms that the case is valid, they will compensate Website, and we will pass on this compensation to you. The compensation varies from case to case and is different for each delivery company. In some cases you will need to pay to post the broken item back to Website in order for us to send out a new piece.
In this case, please kindly provide us with proof as below:
  • The photos of original Website package with front and back sides
  • The photos or video of the defective item(s)
  • The photos, video or screenshot showing the malfunction of the defective item(s)
We will usually offer you a refund or send a replacement as soon as the problem is confirmed. Sometimes you may need to ship the defective item back to us for free repair service or a new replacement. Customer should cover the return shipping fee, and Website is responsible for the shipping costs of arranging reshipment by air mail.

Liability of Product Return Shipping Fee

In the scenario of an unforeseen error from the seller's end (i.e - damaged, faulty or wrong product delivered to the buyer), the seller will bear buyer's return shipping fee.
In the scenario of the buyer's change of mind, buyer shall get seller's consent prior to the return request and buyer will bear the return shipping fee.
In the scenario where both seller-buyer disputing the party liable for the return shipping fee, Website at its sole discretion will determine the party liable for the return shipping fee.
Refund, repair, replacement or price reduction: For Products that qualify for a valid return, Seller or Website may offer the following remedies at its sole discretion:
  • Refunds: Seller or Website may offer Customer a partial or full refund of the price paid for the non-conforming Product.
  • Repairs: Seller or Website may offer Customer a repair of the non-conforming Product.
  • Replacements: Seller or Website may offer the Customer a replacement Product in place of the non-conforming Product.
  • In the event that Customer elects to accept a repair or replacement and the Seller fails to do so within a reasonable time, Website may grant to the Customer a reduction of the price in proportion to the reduced value of the Products, the quantum of which shall be determined at its sole discretion. Upon Customer accepting a remedy from the Seller or Website as set out above, the Customer shall have no further claim against the Seller as regard to the non-conforming Product.

Warranty Exemptions and Notes

Product degradation through wear and tear, along with breakage/damage during use, is solely the customer's responsibility and is not covered by our warranties.
If the customer has damaged/misused the item(s), the product's warranty is immediately rendered void. No compensation is available in such cases. However, customers are welcome to contact us to purchase replacement or spare parts (if applicable). We will charge the original value of the components and a shipping fee to dispatch them.
  • The customer voids the warranty if they:
  • Flash the firmware of a device or root a device
  • Open the body in an attempt to fix the device
  • Modify, remove, customize, or swap parts of the product
  • Use the device in a way that it is not originally intended for
  • Continue to use the item once a fault occurs and causes more damage
All returns must first be authorized by Website Support team prior to return. If the customer has returned the package without prior authorization (R.M.A form), sends to the wrong address, returns an incorrect item, or submits an empty box, there will no compensation permitted in such cases.

Communication Between Buyer and Seller

Website encourages Users to communicate with each other in the event where problem arises in a transaction. As Website is a platform for Users to conduct trading, Buyer should contact Seller directly for any issue relating to the Item purchased.

Questions and complaints

If you have any questions or complaints, (i) you may either contact the Seller directly via the Platform or (ii) contact Website using the “Contact Us” page on the Platform, as applicable.
In the event that Customer is unable to resolve any dispute with the Seller directly through amicable negotiations, Website reserves the right to suggest and implement an appropriate resolution at its sole discretion.